Enlightened Approach to Asset Gathering

As “students of the market,” Quincy Capital Partners is inspired by those who have come to exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit in asset management, those who combine a remarkable degree of intellectual curiosity with scientific rigor.

This Enlightenment tradition emphasizes the importance of balancing Art and Science, while providing a cornerstone to what we term “the New Distribution Paradigm.”

Quincy Capital Partners connects asset managers to independent wholesalers in a way that brings a wide new spectrum of investment solutions to the market.


  1. Provide asset managers, advisors and RIAs with a way to access the sales support, strategic insights and product ideas they need to raise and retain assets under management (AUM)
  2. Transform the way asset managers distribute their strategies to advisors and RIAs through independent wholesaling capabilities
  3. Optimize how asset managers and advisors complement their efforts through the proven techniques described in The New Distribution Paradigm (downloadable here).

The new, emerging independent wholesaler – or Independent Distribution Consultant (IDC) – is empowered to be product agnostic, solution-driven, and consultative at the point of sale.